2019 workshops coming soon!

Additional Information on Workshops

Are you  interested in attending or hosting a workshop? Here is a list of what I currently offer.

One Day Workshops

Cover a variety of Holistic Management concepts, usually with emphasis on a particular subject, such as holistic grazing, ecosystem processes, or other local interest. Format consists of a combination of classroom time with plenty of hands on learning with opportunities for discussion.

Multi-Day Workshops

Holistic Planned Grazing (3 days)

Holistic Financial Planning (3 days)

Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring (4 days)

All multi-day workshops will be in-depth coverage of the principles of Holistic Management related to that particular area. Each multi-day workshop will cover curriculum as outlined by the Savory Institute. Small class sizes will provide a balanced approach for classroom and hands-on learning.  Upon completion of each workshop, participants will become accredited. If you  want to sign up for a workshop, host a workshop, or have any questions, let me know.