About The Founder

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Fallon Turner is the driving force behind Regenerating Rangelands. She grew up on a cattle ranch in a small town in Northern California, which cultivated a strong love for livestock and the land. She is passionate about regenerative agriculture, holistic decision making and multi-generational ranching traditions.

Attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo(CA) she fully embraced the school’s motto of “Learn By Doing”, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science with a minor in Range Management. After working in the “real world” for a number of years, she challenged herself to make a living doing what she loves, which is ranching. In August of 2016, Fallon became a Savory Institute Professional Educator. Besides the traditional educational models, much experience has been gained as a sixth-generation cattle rancher who is trying to make a living running a few cows during some of California’s worst droughts on land that is less than appealing to other ranchers.  She knows that old fashioned values of hard work, courage, curiosity and humility will take her places.

Besides obsessing about cattle, grass, soils, water, and horses, she takes occasional time off to cook or enjoy delicious food (steak, cheese, pie, or other scrumptious fare), read a good book, or pull out the camera to capture the beauty of the people and places she is able to visit.