Gabe Brown came to California!

On 1/26/18 I attended a one day event featuring the one and only Gabe Brown! He is such an inspiration with how one person, with a vision, can turn the landscape around and regenerate it!

Now what does regenerate mean exactly? Well, it means to make better, to grow, to bring forth vigorous life.  Gabe has certainly been able to do that with his 5,000 acres of croplands and pastures. On approximately the same land that he started with, using the principles found in Mother Nature, he has combined no-till farming, with livestock in such a way to triple his organic matter of his soil! For every additional 1% increase in soil organic matter, there is an increase of around 27,000 gallons of water to be held in the top 6 inches of soil.  For a visual, that is the same size as a pool that is 18′ by 40′ and 6′ deep! As of now, he has more water holding capacity on his 5,000 acres of farmland than the local reservoir,

There was so much “ground covered”, pun intended, that I cannot include it all in this blog post. However, below is a list of the the three things that really resonated with me.

1)Soil health is key–understand what healthy soil is, and how to make more of it. Understand the Five Pillars of Soil Health.

2)Water infiltration is key— having healthy soil is part of being able to infiltrate whatever Mother Nature decides to deliver. Sidenote – Gabe started out with water infiltration rates of 1/2″ per hour, 20 years later, he can infiltrate 1/2″ in NINE SECONDS!

3) Mycorrhizal Fungi are our friends-– fungi are an integral and oft overlooked part of the regenerating of soils. They create Glomalin, which is a major component of building soil!


To learn more about Gabe and his ranch,  go to


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