What is Holistic Planned Grazing?

What is Holistic Planned Grazing (HPG) exactly? It is a way of going about managing your grazing of your livestock so that you can incorporate all of the complexities of your operation from a management standpoint,  as well as the available grass during the growing or non growing season, in order to balance all of the needs of the livestock, the land, and the people managing that land.  Special consideration is given to recovery periods of grass that has been grazed in order to accelerate photosynthesis as well as extend the growing season by understanding the timing and duration of gazing.

Keeping it brief, HPG allows you to focus on how plants are responding to grazing in conjunction with what kind of weather and precipitation Mother Nature delivers, so that you can effectively work towards growing more grass on on your land in successive years.

There is a lot of work involved with the planning aspect- gathering information, calculating numbers, plotting movements of livestock, erasing and replanning movements of livestock, and plenty of head scratching the first go around.

Here is a photo of what the HPG looks likeIMG_2472

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