Embracing Holistic Thinking Continued

So you have a Holistic Context, now what?  That is a really great question. If you are human, like me, you will put together this really nice context with all your favorite words, print it out, and tape it to the wall in your office. Then promptly forget about it and go back to doing things the way you did before. That vacation metaphor from the last blog? Instead of planning for that vacation, putting effort and thought into having an amazing time, if you treat your Holistic Context as an academic exercise, then you are setting yourself up for a “Road Trip”. Yes, road trips are fun, and spontaneous, but they also have their ups and downs, causing undo stress due to circumstances and prior proper planning. This is the time where I can insert a favorite teacher’s famous phrase: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. Also known as the seven “Ps”.  There will be a pivotal moment when the “road trip” throws you a curve ball, and it is at that point you make your choice. The moment more than likely won’t be on an actual road trip, it will be a real-life experience. It may be a positive opportunity, or it may be a negative situation where you can turn into a positive, just by changing your approach.

When you get to that moment, where you can continue doing things how you always have done them, or, go out on a limb, and use your Holistic Context to have the life you really truly want, you take the chance.  The first step is the hardest. Following through on each successive step, taking each opportunity to practice using your Holistic Context when you come across a decision, that is when your start to see the power of Holistic Management.

When I first started thinking Holistically, it came together for me in parts and pieces. Doing the academic portions was great, but the practical application too time. I had to take a few “road trips” if you will.  Then, there was a death of a family member that really made me take a long, hard look at myself, and the power of Holistic Management, knowing where it could take me. So, I jumped in, head first, leaving conventional thinking behind. Living my life according to my Holistic Context, and using the seven filtering questions to move forward on making decisions.

There are no regrets in practicing Holistic Management, which lies in the beauty of the Seven Filtering questions. Stay tuned until next time.

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