How This All Got Started

Regenerating Rangelands culminates from one specific period of my life. That was when the idea of Holistic Management was introduced to me back in college. One of my professors at Cal Poly, Mr. R. (name has been abbreviated to protect the innocent), was teaching a class that sounded interesting. It was called the Foundations of Holistic Management, if I remember correctly. An upper level course, which was interesting, was all I needed to add to my schedule to have enough units to be a full-time student. Little did I know how that “interesting” course would change my outlook on life in many ways.

This college course covered the basic principles of Holistic Management, from the creation of a Holistic Context, the four key insights, as well as the four ecosystem processes. It was fascinating. I was definitely captivated with the thought process behind what I was learning about. However, I was still in college and did not have the life experience necessary to appreciate its true value. Regardless, the seed was planted in my mind of the intrinsic value of managing holistically deep down. Sometimes I was able to water the seed of holistic decision making; sometimes, the seed was neglected for conventional thought processes. Life went on. Eventually, with enough life experiences under my belt (if you will), I came to realize the potential power in fully integrating the principles of Holistic Management in both my business and personal life.  The journey has been worth every effort.






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